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Assessment Process for ADHD in Children

Our expert team utilizes advanced assessment tools and personalized sessions to provide a thorough evaluation of ADHD. We are committed to delivering detailed diagnostic reports and support for both the young person and their primary healthcare provider.

Assessment Tools: Conners2 and QbCheck

Our assessment process employs two key tools: the Conners2 and the QbCheck. The Conners2 is a widely recognized assessment tool for ADHD, while the QbCheck is an FDA-cleared and TGA-registered medical device tailored for diagnosing and managing ADHD.

Diagnostic Report

Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive diagnostic report. This report will encompass the clinical presentation, potential diagnosis, and a suggested treatment plan. This invaluable document provides a clear understanding of the evaluation outcomes.

Communication with General Practitioner

To ensure continuity of care, we issue a letter for your General Practitioner (GP). This letter includes the diagnosis (if applicable) and any recommended treatments. This collaborative approach supports effective coordination between our specialists and your primary healthcare provider.

Post-Assessment Support: Psychoeducational Session OR School Meeting

Upon an ADHD diagnosis, we offer two options: a post-diagnostic psychoeducational session OR a multidisciplinary meeting with the school. These sessions empower the young person and the people around him/her with essential knowledge about ADHD and equip them with strategies for symptom management.

The Four-Part Assessment Process

Our thorough assessment process unfolds in four distinct parts:

  1. Pre-Appointment Questionnaires
    Before your appointments, we will provide rating scale that can be conveniently completed using your phone or computer by the parent(s) or guardian(s).
  2. Appointment with Clinical Psychologist
    In this phase, the young person will meet with a specialist Clinical Psychologist. During this session, they will guide the individual through the Conners and QbTest assessments, drawing on their expertise to ensure accurate evaluation.
  3. Appointment: Diagnosis and Report Discussion
    The Clinical Psychologist will present the assessment results during this session. Utilizing the substantial evidence gathered, they will work towards reaching a diagnosis and generating a comprehensive report and a letter to be sent to the GP.
  4. Appointment: Psychoeducation Session OR School Meeting
    In this final stage, a one-hour psychoeducation session or a Multidisciplinary meeting with the School Teachers will be conducted. Focusing on ADHD-related challenges, this session offers targeted support and guidance for managing difficulties effectively.

Cost and Booking

The cost for the ADHD assessment with our specialized Clinical Psychologist is £1,150.

To secure your appointment, a non-refundable booking fee of £180 is required. This fee confirms your commitment and helps us allocate the necessary resources for your assessment.

Our child-focused ADHD assessment process combines expert evaluation tools, personalized sessions, and thorough reports to provide a holistic understanding of ADHD. We are dedicated to supporting the young person and their primary healthcare provider in the journey towards effective diagnosis and treatment management.

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